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Job Scams affect 10% of Jobseekers and can cause permanent damage to your professional and personal life. We've attached a detailed video to give you some pointers on how to avoid Job Scams

1. The recruiter contacts you first.

Usally by stating that they found your resume online or through an email.


2. You receive a Job offer right away.

Immediately receiving a ajob offer without applying to an open position, speaking with a hiring manager, or participating in an interview is a huge red flag.


3. Job description and requirements are very vague.

Offers that only require candidates to be of legal age, be literate and be able to type are all basic, general, criteria that most people can qualify for.


4. The schedule is too flexible.

Especially conbined with unusually high pay, an unconventional schedule can point to something too good to be true.


5. The company requires payment from you.

No legitimate job opportunity will require you to pay to work for the company.


6. Communications are unprofessional.

Look for inconsistencies in grammar, sentence structure, and how the employer or recruiter communicates with you in writing.


7. The company contact details are missing or inconsistent.

Try to internet the company to find a website or email address. If you still can't find basic information about the company avoid it at all costs.


8. Thet ask for confidential information before hiring.

Documents such as Tax information, banking details and other personal information should only be shared after you've begun working for an organization.


9. The pay is usually High.

For example, if you see an annual salary of $5,000, 000 per year for only 15 to 20 hours per week for an entry level role.


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